The PANDEMIC/INFLUENZA Quick Kit - Emergency Contagion EDC N-Pandemic1_D001694

The PANDEMIC/INFLUENZA Quick Kit - Emergency Contagion EDC
The PANDEMIC/INFLUENZA Quick Kit - Emergency Contagion EDCThe PANDEMIC/INFLUENZA Quick Kit - Emergency Contagion EDC
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Your Personal/Family Grab and GO! Personal Contagion KIT - 1 ea.

These handy Pandemic Quick Kits are designed for fast and inexpensive protection from Contagions.

Protection from Influenza/Bacteria when you or your family members have to leave your safe zone.
Simply discard the entire suit when you return to insure that no contaminants enter your home.

Protect Your Family with a Contagion Kit for Pandemics, Chemical Spills, Nuclear Accidents

Viral Pandemics have already happened and they will happen again. It's only a matter of when,and are your Prepared?

In a discussion with leading pathologists, Dr. Oz was told that it may take months to produce a vaccine, and

investment in preparedness is warranted. By the time a worst case scenario is warranted, fear, panic and a run on supplies will make the situation worse, leading to a potential breakdown in social services and social behaviors.

This is the point during which you will NOT be able to find protective gear such as hazmat suits, respirators, sanitizers.

That is why the CDC recommends that you prepare yourself and your family NOW



Blue Coveralls w/Zipper (one size fits all)

Hair Net


N95 Respirator Mask w/Exhalation Valve

Latex Gloves 2-pair

Bio-Hazard Disposal Bag

PAWS Antimicrobial Handwipes

Hand Sanitizer Gel Packs - 2

Doctors, Dentists and Medical Technicians wear these disposable Coveralls to protect their clothing from splash and bacteria.


We still recommend a complete Contagion Kit, but for fast, everyday use, these packs are inexpensive to store and convenient to use and discard. 


Recommended in this FOX News report

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